Coriander Crusted Trout

03 July 2013

Coriander-Crusted Trout

Serves 4
4 trout filets (you'll be able to find locally farmed steelhead from Rickenbach Ranch at the Downtown Farmers Market.)
3 Tablespoons whole coriander
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1/2 Tablespoon butter
Season the trout filets well with salt and set aside. In a dry frying pan over medium heat, toast the coriander seeds for about 3 minutes shaking them around the whole time to avoid burning. When they are ready the seeds will be a little darker in color and very fragrant. Let the coriander cool off for a minute in the cup of coffee grinder. Then grind for about 30 seconds. If you listen close you can hear when there aren't any more big chunks flying around inside the grinder. Dump the ground coriander onto a plate and dredge the trout in the coriander making sure that the entire piece is well coated. Heat a large cast-iron or non-stick frying pan over high heat with the olive oil and butter. When the pan is very hot (but not smoking) lay two pieces of trout into the pan skin side down (if you have two pans you can do all 4 pieces at once.) Lift the pan to make sure that there's oil/butter all around the fish. After about three minutes gently flip the fish with a spatula and cook for another 2 minutes on the other side. A little squeeze of lemon and you're good to go.